Where are they made?

you seem to be in this thread just to piss people off. you probably shouldnt post in it if you are not going to be giving any positive feedback or at least more answers to the question


Werrd - Australia

What im saying is there is no reason to not to business with Auldey, Aoda, Northern Spin, Shinwoo, Bist, just because they are not made in USA.

Cold Metal Russia

nonononono audley or adoa…

Dude, yoyowiki…

Werrd - Australia
duffman, oh yeah

Core series is indian O___O what?
You serious man???

Adegle is made in Taiwan,
Yoyojoker from Japan (check this brand out, it’s awesome)
Yoyoskeel from Malaysia. ;D

I laugh at the fact that nobody mentioned Yomega yet.

Just some I don’t recall being mentioned so far…

Hspin core series - India
Yomega - china
Superyo - china/asia
Spintastics - taiwan I believe
buzzon - also taiwan or korea I believe
Russell - all over the place, wherever it’s cheap
Radiyoactive - South Africa (exception for the cyclotron, which is usa)
Screaming Eagle - USA
Yoyojam - usa

And yes, I do think it’s important as well.

It isn’t that I won’t buy things made in other countries, it’s just that I prefer to buy things made here when given an option. I have plenty of yo-yos from all over the world, but I do like when people support their local economy. Keep in mind that many of these companies aren’t -based- in the US, so expecting them to manufacture here is silly in those instances.

As somebody who has been around the manufacturing industry for years, I understand the importance of supporting the US side of that industry. Living in a country that doesn’t make anything is a very, very bad road to go down and unfortunately we’re sitting on that road in japanese cars and flooring it.