When i was a noob...

recently i thought about all the funny stuff I did when i first started YoYoing… and maybe even until later. There are some pretty funny things IMO :smiley: so i wanted to ask you guys what some funny things are that you did, or someone you know did because you or they just didn´t know better.
I´ll start

  1. I thought lubing a bearing was extremely important… so i did it about every week… and up to 3 full drops… i gues that explains why my bearings didn´t run to well :smiley:
  2. When i first learned the simple GT, I didn´t realize that you had to pop out to the front, the guy in the tutorial just said to pop it “up” so i did… took me way to long to figure out that hitting the top string didn´t do anything
  3. A friend of mine refused to call my YoYo´s YoYo´s… she insisted on calling them Yo´s since a YoYo has to come up when you tug it
  4. I tryed to teach some YoYoing to a few of my friends, and i needet to change the string on his YoYo, He said he would just do it himself… well he put the loop for the slipknot around the bearing :smiley:

those are the ones that come to mind right now!
lets see what you guys got!

Lol I’m still a noob but I shattered a light ballast at work when throwing a super strong around the world with a crummy yoyo in attempt to do 20 around the worlds.
Also I bought super thick hemp and thought it would work well. The string engulfed the whole yoyo lol.

i think everyone has done that… “i´ll do 20 around the worlds as fast as i can”… its not a good idea :smiley: dont wanna get hit by that…

my friend brought super long strind and every time he throw his yoyo he ding it…
And I thought that if I put more lube drop the bearing be faster well I lucky the it was a responsive bearing

This isn’t me but considering this is a conversation about noobs


this just hurts :smiley: make dat bearing seat drip! :smiley: surprised he didnt lube the pads^^

could we please not make fun of my informative video


ahhh the horror!

is this on purpose cause last time i remember it was supposed to go on the bearing…

Nope lube goes in the bearing seat.

I love the videos of people getting hurt by their yoyos. Not necessarily a noob thing all the time but always entertaining watching a knuckle get cracked.

I gave myself a minor concussion with my Chief. A missed full speed knee bind sent the Chief straight into my temple. I felt like an idiot afterwards.