whats wrong with silicon?

ok, so i was lookin at some yoyo’s at yoyonation and people are talkin about how silicon takes away the playability? What other response that I dont know is better than Silicon?

Silicon is a chemical element, a metalloid, and is the fundamental material in almost all integrated circuits. It would be a terrible response system.

Silicone is polymer that is very rubber like and is used in many yoyos as a response system. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. :wink:

There is no one best response system, and saying one is better than another is simply a matter of opinion. Try all the options and decide which you like the best. Here’s a list of all the response systems I can think of that are currently employed in yoyos today:

Starbursts - raised plastic inside the yoyo to create friction

Break pads - cork with adhesive backing, used by proyo back in the day, and still used on some low end duncans

Rubber orings - orings placed into a recessed area of the yoyo.

Friction stickers - a majority of which use silicone anyways, but some are rubber, fabric, etc. commonly placed in a recessed area.

I can’t think of anything else, except YYF’s string response in the loop 720

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