Whats up with the triple crown Echos

I was talking to someone at the last competition I went too and we started talking about the Duncan echo and how our triple crown versions were shaky and just terrible. So I’m just asking did anyone else have a problem with their Triple crown echos?

I had one and it was awesome no vibe or any issues what so ever.

I have it now!

It’s so smooth!

No problems whatsoever!

Did you over tighten? Under tighten? Is it responsive? If so, did you lube it? Lubing makes yoyo responsive, no matter how much you put on, it needs to break in. Is the bearing clean?

Are the the yoyos damaged? Is the response broken in?

Please give us more info so we can help you.

are you talking about ohio states? that was me. brand new mine came vibey and was never up to par with a regular packaged echo. ive bought 2 new echos and they were silky smooth. no overtighten, not loose, not responsive or anything just vibey