what yoyoing means to me

Quick or not so quick backstory and then I will get into it.

So I work for Comcast and I have been sent to a training class to “level up” so to speak. Leveling up means a payraise and more duties in the field. It also means being stuck in a hotel and away from my wife and kid for 2 weeks. I know what a lot of people are thinking as they read this “2 weeks to learn how to hook up a cable box!”. Trust me we learn every detail on how Mpeg compression works, every detail on how data over cable (docsis) works, voip, ip protocol, security, customer service, the art of selling, etc… It goes on and on. Do we need it for everyday field work? Not necessarily but it is to prepare us to move into higher more technical positions and the more you know about how something works the easier it is to troubleshooting when it doesn’t work.

Usually when I’m off to training I will bring my ps3 and spend my evenings gaming all night. This time all I brought was my yoyo case and lots of extra string. Figured 6 or more hours a day yoyoing will help pass the time and let me really connect with yoyos and really give me the time to learn and experiment with new techniques. It has also given me a new Outlook on this “hobby” that I’m willing to give so much time too.

So on with the “meat” of this thread. If you are still with me I applaud you.

What yoyoing means to me.

First and foremost its the challenge that keeps me going. I’ve always liked a good challenge. Something to keep me thinking and working at it, to be the best I can at whatever it may be. I’m also a musician and lots of things about yoyoing remind me of when I first started in music, the similarities will make themselves clearer and clearer the more we go on but keep it mind the challenge is one of the better parts about yoyoing for me.

Second is creativity. To create new tricks or just body movements while you do classic tricks. I wouldn’t consider myself an artistic person but I do consider myself to be a creative person. Some may think they go hand in hand but I don’t really. I do feel artistic while I’m doing combos though. Moving my body and hands while the yoyo spins and swings about, “make the simple amazing” , its very true. I feel amazed everytime the yoyo lands on the string and feel a sense of accomplishment. Another thing about the creative aspect of yoyoing that i don’t know if anybody else has noticed but no two people yoyo the exact same way. Everyone has a there own little touch, very minute differences in the way they play or do a certain trick. It’s really quite cool and amazing to me.

The last thing I’m going to touch on is skill. Skill and the challenge aspect kind of go together. The more you challenge yourself and the more you practice the higher your skill level will be. Ultimately yoyos are “toys” but most importantly they are skill toys. This is a niche market and not everyone is in to yoyos, we all know that. Also yoyoers come and go. Some people may be into it today but not tommorow. Most importantly not everyone can yoyo. Sure just about everyone can throw a sleeper or do an around the world but some of us possess the skills and have the determination to take it much further than that. It takes a certain mindset to devote the time and effort to build the skills. So anyone new to yoyoing that is reading this keep in mind- you will get frustrated, you will have a hard time a some point. Push through it. Keep going. Practice and build your skills. It is very rewarding to land that trick finally. Also be prepared to deal with the fact that you will never be as good has you want to be. It goes with the territory. Also very important be humble, don’t be arrogant or egotistical. No matter how good you think you are there is somebody better.

Thanks for reading everyone I hope this helps somebody. It certainly has helped me.


Well put sir :slight_smile:

Amazing that you decided to leave the ps3 and revert to the caveman of toys (okay not exactly but you get what I mean :P)

This hobby definitely has it’s frustrations, but the breakthroughs keep the ball rolling, or shall I say, your throws spinning… heh ;D

That made me feel all nice on the inside.