what was your first


yeah I learned how to bind on a friends hitman then got my dad to buy me a duncan throw monkey when i got back into yoyoing this year i got my mom to get me a flying panda now i can barely stand the thought of using my fp for 1A


My first was a Henrys Lizard and it wasn’t good at all. At the time I could make it spin for about 20 seconds but now I can spin it for 1 minute. That’s actually not that bad because it doesn’t even have a ball bearing, it has a slider axle. Anyway, some time after I got a Journey so I could really start learning.


Ahh, my first! ;D


(ed) #4




(JonasK) #6

I started out with the Speed Maker.


in 2006 on new years eve i went to some thing and they were handing out these light up yoyos that said comcast :o

fastfoward late january 2009
my sister finds one of them and starts playing with it…i wasnt that intrested 2 weeks later our stepmom decides to buy us yoyos i end up getting duncan speed beetle

so either some comcast light up yoyo :-\ or a duncan speed beetle ;D


Same yoyo, same store!


Green and black plastic transaxle Yomega Fireball… still have it kicking around someplace