What trick is this?

So today i was watching Jensen Kimmitt’s worlds video(which i already watched like 100 time, but what ever) trying to pick up some of those beastly combos. I stumbled across a trick that i thought was really cool, and i thought was worth practicing. the Trick is when you throw a trapeze and jump over it. I practiced and practiced in my backyard and after about 10 falls i finally got it. And after landing it a few times, I have them down clean and styled.
In the video: the trick is at about 2:11 and im not talking about that little eli hop in there either. i just want to know what the tricks name is

Thank you!  ;D

There is no name.

Ok cuz i was just calling it trapeze jump overs


His last trick… the Circular Rock the Baby!.. How does he do that!??