what size response for ooch smoov

so i let my little cousin come over who is 5. bad idea. i let him look at my smoov but said you cant take it out of here. (my room) so when i came back from doing somethin or what ever he took one of the pads out and idk what he did whith it. so i was looking for new responce pads on yoyo nation and found chaz pads. they look really cool and are silicone. so i want these pads and they are called .555 pads. i dont know what this is. size i suppose. So will this fit in my smoov please help. if it does not fit please tell me which size i should buy.

without the stock rummer pads i cannot play because the binds slip and i cant bring it back up

Try emailing Yomega ask them what size is the pads .888 or .555. Hope this helps.

I know the question is what pads to get but I say just silicone it. People do it all the time to Mavericks so why not a Ooch?