What’s best to clean my bearings with?

I use pure Acetone. Putting it on a mirror and letting it evap tells me that there is no residues left behind.

Now on the bearing, it can condensate while its evaporating. This can cause minute contaminants that were suspended in the acetone to fall back onto the metal of the bearing, but thats not from the acetone (assuming it was clean, and pure, not cheap and used alot with floaties in the jar)

Another dip in another clean acetone bath should wipe out anything thats left.

Alot of mentions for lighter fluid, but not much about naptha. Do no use Rosenthal(?) zippo fuel, rather use pure Naptha if you have to use an acetone alternative. and never use nail poish remover!

Just be careful. All of these are very flammable.


I regularly use Ronsonol lighter fluid with good results. After cleaning I blow out the bearing with compressed air to dry it.

I’d like to point out that I also used compressed air to blow the bearing out after it soaks in the mineral spirits. I take it out with needle nose pliers, put it on a chopstick and use the air. You can see a fine mist leave the bearing.

People that yoyo are not always the most mechanically minded/knowledgeable, regardless of yoyoing skill beleive it or not.

I use Acetone in a contact lens case. Drop the bearing in, give it a shake and then remove the bearing. Set on paper towel for a second, then blow out with mouth. Spin bearing a couple times to finish drying.
Since the contact lens case has two compartments I give my bearings a two-stage bath just for fun. One dip in the “dirty” side and then a rinse in the “clean” side.

I’m intrigued by the discussion on residue though, I assumed Acetone left nothing behind. Either way, whatever residue it may leave doesn’t seem to affect the bearing so I’ll likely keep using it for now. Bears more looking into though.


Bones bearing washer filled with acetone. Then I dry it with my air compressor, add a drop or two of lube on each bearing, and hit it again with the air to spin off excess lube. Works great.


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The Lens case is an excellent idea. I’ll have to do that. Much better than just getting a small glass like I’ve been doing. Less waste and use it multiple times that way maybe.

Exactly, I bought from amazon, so cheap. Also, no smell, and can put into a drawer. Also easier to shake the bearings around.

Yep, you can reuse the same fluid until it becomes too contaminated with little black specs, or the level drops too low from evaporation/spilling.

I know Acetone is cheap anyway but eh, I like to use things totally up before I throw them out.


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