What response for mu BVM

Ok So today the Sili in my BvM got messed up and its gone . . . crap . . . well i need to buy a new response for it and what should i buy and where . . . thanks

I just throw in O-rings from YYJs. Works great.

Just go to Walmart and buy a tube of red RTV silicone in the hardware department. There are some tuts around that show you how to silicone a yo-yo. It is pretty simple. And it works great!

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idk about wal mart silicone, but I use some from yoyonation.com

Walmart and all automotive stores sell the Permatex brand of silicone. It works just as well as any other. Plus, unlike when you buy from YYN you don’t have to pay for or wait for shipping.

General-Yo Pads fit BVM’s