what new tricks are you learing/ have learned

cold fusion, spirit bomb, yuuki slack…

i made one up that is basically like yukki slack from trapeeze. i also made up a way to get into a green triangle from a grind.


I’ve been doing all 5A lately… Im still working out Tyler Severance’s 5A flop… The one he did at his '09 worlds/nats freestyle. I got the 5A doe double double or nothing, the double wrap, but Im still having a tough time pulling it right to get the flop…

Let’s see:

Ferret Tracks
Magic Drop
Iron whip

trying to learn them.

Hidemasa hook double laceration to green triangle

still trying to get Hitch Hiker down, freaking underpass.

I lied. The reason I was having trouble is that I was using the wrong mount… Its a hudini mount, not double or nothing…

Trying to create more body style tricks…

Just learned reverse hook and ninja vanish.

got cold fusion ;D

now for iron whip



A few body tricks.

Chopstick tricks ;D