what is Ultra-premium yoyo?

olla guys…
I’m Zaza and a newbie in yoyo industry. i’m wondering what is ultra-premium yoyo? ad what is the the different with premium yoyo?
Hopely you guys can help me to figure it out :smiley:
Thank you

Welcome to the community!

Maybe be a bit more specific in your question so we can help. Are you trying to figure out the difference in quality between different yoyos? Many of the yoyos today are very good quality and it all depends on your style of play and budget when making a purchase.

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thank you before… i want to know the different of all the aspect. i really wanna know more about yoyo.
I’m not a ‘fast’ player, i’m such a calm when i play yoyo, do you have any suggest what yoyo that suit for my style? currently i’m using yyf Supernova Lite :slight_smile:

Im assuming if someone says ultra premium they mean stuff like General-Yo Magnums, Oxy Ti’s and other 500 dollar throws.

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Back in like 2008 when YYF had their Premium line going, it was to show throws that had ‘upgraded’ bearings all round, and the yoyos that just had nicer hardware on.

Although without going into specific brands, i’d assume Ultra-Premium was aimed at yoyos like the Freehand MG, Magnum, Oxy Ti, Catch 22. The kinda rare/Expensive throws, that have a large premium over other retail yoyos.

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I’ve personally never heard ultra premium in yoyo before but I could be wrong so imma guess that premium would be any upper class made yoyo like the supernova, hitman, or the like. Ultra premium in my mind would be one of the top 10 yoyo’s to date, like the code 2, cheif, or even a dark magic 2.

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Honestly any yoyo you have fun with is “ultra Premium”. Although there really isn’t such a thing. Expensive and premium are two different things. They can cost a lot but play like garbage. Any metal yoyo these days will do you some good. There are also a LOT of plastics that play like premium metals I.E. the protostar. Get what appeals to you and not what appeals to others. You will find what you like.

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I find in the world of yoyo, “premium” and “ultra premium” are just marketing buzzwords for lower-end brands to move some of their more expensive metal yoyos, which are often still less expensive than entry level models by name brands.

The real thing to remember is that yoyo is a strange “world”. There are low-cost brands like Magic YoYo, which despite their extremely LOW costs, the stuff is really great. I’m pleasantly surprised and really amazed and pleased with this brand that makes metal yoyos. In comparson, costing more, is the YYF dv888, which is an entry level metal, yet isn’t an entry level performer, as it’s impressively good and plays well above it’s price. But, there’s lots of really great plastics, a lot of good metal and plastics from YYJ and even full metals.

You often do get what you pay for. Precision machining with tight tolerances is expensive as not all places have the correct equipment and/or skills and/or understanding. Even so, some brands, like Adegle, are really impressing people with $16 plastic yoyos.

Always remember that your personal satisfaction is more important than any price tag and any marketing hype. Is it wrong that I can be just as happy with a $10 YYF WHIP or ONE, as I can be with a $125 VsNYYC Sky Walker, or a $165 CLYW Arctic Circle(just a couple of examples)? Yes, I can. I play cheap stuff, I play expensive stuff and I play stuff priced in between and enjoy it all. However some people honestly cannot enjoy the cheap stuff for a large variety of reasons, but most of it involves having been able to find a yoyo that works exceptionally well for them. Is it wrong? No. Then again, there are some “high end snobs” who equate price to satisfaction. That’s human nature.

Terms like premium aren’t lost on me though, I just don’t pay as much attention to them. Again, if you like it, then that’s all that matters. Price is merely a number needed to facilitate exchange. Taking a step backwards for a bit, there’s some amazing under $20 yoyos that I routinely see people competing with AND doing very well. The Protostar and Northstar are probably two of the best plastics made, at at $35 each, I see a lot being used in competition and doing well. YYJ offers many yoyos using plastic and metal, giving you many of the advantages of metal but with a reduced price made possible due to plastic.

Don’t let price sway your decision. At the same time, don’t rush to spend top dollar either. There’s great stuff all over the price spectrum. Part of the fun is figuring out what to get. If you can go to events and meets where people gather to play, there’s lots of sharing and trying. This is a great way to try before you buy.

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I have never actually heard of “Ultra Premium”. If this was said to you outside of the yoyoing community, I’m guessing it means something like any metal yoyo. In the yoyo community, there is really no “ultra premium” other than titanium yoyos or magnesium. The Yoyofactory premium line might be what you are thinking of. The Yoyofactory premium line is made of better metals, most likely 7075 grade aluminum. The bearings are generally the same as any other Yoyofactory metal. While it’s called the premium line, that doesn’t mean they are the best yoyos you can buy. Other companies such as One Drop Yoyos makes great yoyos that play on par or better than the premium line. The Supernova Lite is a great yoyo and will get you past any tricks.

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The quality of how a YoYo plays is always subjective. Sure, you can buy some metal costing hundreds of dollars but you may find that what plays best for you is actually a $30 plastic. I wouldn’t worry too much about terms such as premium or ultra-premium as, like I said, it’s all subjective…

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i was surfing at the ‘shop’ here and i read at my yoyo details and it says that Supernova is an ultra-premium yoyo… thats why i wonder the difference haha…thankyou :slight_smile:

That’s probably just some marketing stuff to make the Supernova (a great throw) look amazing to all the people newer to the hobby, and to make it more prestigious to buy. It’s just a title that the store/YYF gave to it that has little meaning.

I think you’re being humble LadyZaza. You can’t be THAT much of a noob if you are throwing a Supernova! :slight_smile:

humble? haha thanks. but i really am a noob. i’ve been throwing for around 3 month (i was starting 4 years ago and only for 2 month…but not seriously… then i stop because my parents dislike it when i’m playing yoyo) and i was borrowing my friend’s yoyos haha. I just have enough money this month to buy Speed Maker but my friend offered me his yoyo… so i bought Supernova from him :smiley:

but i still wanna buy Speed Maker hahaha