What is the cheapest unresponsive yoyo cause I need on!!!READ!!!THIS!!!

I lost my legacy and am looking for a new unresponsive yoyo but I have hardly any money so I need to know the cheapest unresponsive yoyo.

The Yoyofactory Whip.

The yyf ONE can be unresponsive too.

isnt there a new legacy

Yes. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/500/YYJ-Legacy. I would suppose like the two above responces, the one and whip are your best options for lease expensive. If you want performance then you should get a raptor, amazing for a 40 dollar throw, seriously…it is even good for competition use.

The cheapest unresponsive take-it-right-out-of-the-box-and-throw-it yoyo out there is the Whip. I love 'em. Since they were released I’ve tacked one on the end of every order I’m made. Seriously.

Depends on how you define cheap.

The Whip is $10 and ships unresponsive.
The ONE, in the package with 2 bearings, ships responsive but you can swap the bearing, making full unresponsive.

With that in mind, the ONE provides a bit better “bang for the buck”, and even though cheap, it’s the winner since it has 2 bearings.

Keep in mind shipping. And do you need strings? Better to get more strings and use your existing yo than get a new yo and run out of strings. Since it won’t add to the Priority Mail shipping, I always add strings to ALL my orders, regardless if I need them or not. Right now I don’t need more strings, but I have bulk strings in white, neon green and neon orange, and I’ll just add neon yellow to my next order.

Regarding the Legacy II: I only discount that based on the OP’s budget issues. I want one and am ordering that and a bunch of other “budget” YYJ plastics soon, including the speed maker, lyn fury and others.

The ONE and WHIP, I have each. Fun. Great for carrying around when you don’t care. The WHIP grinds better than the ONE. Remember, it’s always about preferences and compromise. At $10, you compromise a lot more than say a high cost yoyo.

Might I suggest getting a YYE carry bag to help prevent you from losing your yoyos?

Like how much is hardly any money??? If you can manage 40, a protostar would be well worth it… If not, I think yyj has the best cheap plastics

By “like no money” I meant none I’ll get some money I’m defiantly getting the one with the unresponsive bearing. because I have a little experience with it.

Ok… The one would make a good choice then ^.^

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Get a YYR Gleipnir. Cheapest yoyo ever

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you guys seriously just put the (almost) most expansive yoyos on the cheapest list right? ??? :-\ :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile: >:(

On a side note my little bro lost it