what is the best bearing for a DM?


what is the best bearing for a DM? center trac, dif-e-yo konkave or dif-e-yo konkave ceramic?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

The best bearing for a DM would have to be a “ceramic konkave”  but i have to worn you i think there
$30.  If that’s to much money, CBC makes a “center trac” for only $10
ceramic konkave bearings you can get at:


center trac bearings you can get right here at yoyoexpert

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(JonasK) #3

There should be a bearing in your DM, it works fine., there’s usually no need for some fangled stuff.


Yep. It’s the stock one.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

definatly just the stock bearing, rip out the shields and throw in some spacers and bobs yopur uncle supurbe throwing power.

(yokaiyo) #6

I use a dif-e-yo concave in mine. It works really well except that it
has a crack that had to be super glued and now it has a bad vibe.

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Mostly I use a Fatlip Bearing in my DM (Bearing with integrated Shims).