what is the best bearing for a DM?

what is the best bearing for a DM? center trac, dif-e-yo konkave or dif-e-yo konkave ceramic?

The best bearing for a DM would have to be a “ceramic konkave”  but i have to worn you i think there
$30.  If that’s to much money, CBC makes a “center trac” for only $10
ceramic konkave bearings you can get at:


center trac bearings you can get right here at yoyoexpert

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There should be a bearing in your DM, it works fine., there’s usually no need for some fangled stuff.

Yep. It’s the stock one.

definatly just the stock bearing, rip out the shields and throw in some spacers and bobs yopur uncle supurbe throwing power.

I use a dif-e-yo concave in mine. It works really well except that it
has a crack that had to be super glued and now it has a bad vibe.

keep spinning


Mostly I use a Fatlip Bearing in my DM (Bearing with integrated Shims).