What is a good yoyo?

i am an intermediate to adavanced yoyoer. i have been using a dm2 for about over half a year so it is broken into and im looking to try a new yoyo so i got interested in the dv888 and the protostar on your guys opinion which is the better yoyo?

well in my opinion your DM 2 is enough. The protostar and DV888 is a good yoyo, just buy one that you like.

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dv888 all the way. protostar has more vibe and can’t grind well. dv888 is one of the best grinders for it’s range. it can handle all tricks, but sereoisly, you dont need to upgrade from dm2, its fine for all tricks

The DMII will handle anything you can toss at it and more. Just stick with it for a while