what is a good yoyo for a 12 year old kid

what is a good yoyo in the 20$ -45$ price range for a 12 year old kid with regular hands. i had a freehand and am looking for a yoyo for intermediate tricks that has long spin times but that is not to big or to small

Hitman, x-convict, atmosphere, newbreed, legacy, plastic grind machine should cover a few. I have the hitman and it is perfect for me.(Just learned Brent Stole today on it). I also have the PGM and I have to say that it is great too. Do you know how to bind? If so get one that I mentioned. (I’m assuming you do since you have the freehand).

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dont know how to bind freehand is resonsive but will learn

Hitman deffinitly. It’s the perfect size and weight. Plus, it’s responsive stock, and you can maintain this responsiveness with some Yoyojam Thick Lube. If you want it unresponsive, just loosen the gap, and use Thin Lube instead of Thick.

try a legacy or die nasty but you have to bind but if youre gonna learn bind i say get one of those or get the velocity which is responsive or unresponsive depending on how much you turn the dials