What & How Many Yo-Yo's Do You Have?

How many yo-yo’s? What are they? I only have 8. Just wondering.
Post! Post! Post!


Ooops, I put 17, but I have 18.

I have a Yomega Power Brain XP, a Yoyojam Speedmaker, a Yoyojam Legacy, a Onedrop M1, and I just ordered a Onedrop P2

PGM 2.0, DM, Sunset Trajectory NXG, Red Profire, Black Profire, THE Yo-Yo, Duncan Butterfly, Duncan Imperial.

Brother has PGM 1.0, DM, Fast 201, Yomega Brain, Duncan Butterfly

iv got a DNA special edition, x-convict, legacy, Henry Cobra and a yomega powerspin that i got about 15 years ago when i was a kid