What great wizard created the binder clip?

I tried out siliconing my Di Base 2 yesterday and needed a way to drain the applicator that came with the flowable silicone , I looked around my desk and -

;D :smiley:

Happy Friday.

Binder clips are also an excellent foundation for a mini-catapult! Popsicle sticks, binder clip, hot glue… done! (idea stolen from SonicDad.com)

PS, since the silicone isn’t being used anyhow, you could always let it dry. It won’t stick to the cap/spout thingy. When it’s a big silicone blob, it’s easy to just pull out!

I’ve had a lot of success sticking a screw into the applicator. When the sili dries, you can just pull it right out.

I don’t know what kind of frictionless spouts they have in Canada, Greg. I’m never that lucky ???

Magic Canadian Plastic!

It actually does get a bit stuck right in the tip, but the bulk of it (if you leave it in the spout) will just come out. I grab onto the big part of it and give it a pull until it pops out.


Binder clips are basically like the duct tapes brother, if duct tape can’t do it… Get a binder clip. I use them to organize cables most often, pop off a piece of the clip, slip in a cable, pop it back on, clip the binder clip to my desk… No more lost cable!

Also you can store your headphones in them so they won’t get tangled! Just stick it in and wrap around the metal part ;D

You’re an eXpert now! You can’t say things that can be misconstrued like that! ;D

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