What generation Gung Fu?


What generation? And what bearing size does it have?


From the pictures, I would say it looks like a 2nd Gen. All Gung-Fu’s use a Size C (Large) bearing.


Is that yours or are you getting it in a trade?


He uploaded them from his computer so my guess is that it is his but I could be wrong.


its either a first or 2nd gen as the 3rd gen was beadblasted and that is obviously not.


Im getting it in a trade. Those are the pics the guy showed me.



I am looking for a Milk right now, then a Gung later. I am loving Delrin at the moment.


It’s mine for now, I dont know what generation it is I got it in a trade and it has a large bearing


Your Mitch G? Im DOMO!(on onedrop forum)


Haha yeah I’m Mitch and I figured you were DOMO because of this thread



(Chris Allen) #12

2nd gen, pretty sure

C size bearing


Looks like a first gen to me. ??? the only way to really tell is if you can see how deep the sili groove is. If it is deep enough to fit an o-ring, then it is first, if not it is second.

This help at all?

(Mitch Ginder) #14

the sili groove can fit an oring


Then it is first gen.