What does YYE think of my drum cover?

Tell me what you guys think of my drum cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”. I really would like to start doing more in the future because it’s pretty fun. Let me know of things I could work on to improve my covers… already I have in mind more camera angles, because one is boring. Also, I want to film with more light so I can lower my ISO which would result in less graininess of the picture. This is about the least amount of fills I’ve ever done haha, I’m usually a pretty crazy drummer that goes insane on the fills, but I kept it to a minimum to stay true to the song. Next time I’ll make it more interesting.  8) Also, feel free to suggest songs I could do, always open to suggestions!

Dude! You’re really good! I wish I could get drums, :-\ , but I can’t afford them!

Nice song choice! Pretty chill!

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