What did you get in the mail for 2019 / 2020?

I wonder how often @Yoyoman13371337 has heard this in a post, but…
From Russia with Love


You didn’t see me post this (ya know…cause it’s not green!) but that really is a very lovely looking purple! :purple_heart:


Lol I think you’ve outed yourself on that one bro. But yes the lavender is really nice and it’s a super smooth finish. Satin AF.

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Yeah, that was wasn’t my point though. I just wanted to highlight the slight hypocrisy of the WA (specifically the polished-rim version) marketing, that advertised it to be on par with today’s competition bi-metals, when, as we can see with Gentry’s choice to use a more rim-weighted version, it clearly isn’t.

If they make a slightly better version, it is obvious that he will use that one, imo. That does not mean the OG is bad, just “worse”

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The question is not “good” or “bad”, but rather, when compared to competition bi-metals, “as good” or “not as good”.

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Is that even the terminology they use though?

From the YYF site:

The Amazing performance of the Shutter Wide Angle with the look of something 2-3x the price.


I’m almost certain I remember them making some comparison to bi-metals. Let me see if I can find some evidence.
Edit: Well, I can’t find any evidence after a quick search, so take all my claims with a modest grain of salt lol


It is unclear to me how the WA Shutter–of any variety–is in any way “like a bi-metal”. Its rim weight is not extreme enough for that kind of comparison, is it?


The Wide Angle is nothing like a bimetal. It has LOADS of centerweight.


apparently there will be a legit bi-metal shutter


Where did you see this?

yyf after-worlds livestream with gentry
and yyf email


I’d just love to see a 7068 shutter


Yeah the Shu-Ta which was 7075 does the opposite of what id like to see and added weight. Like bruh I don’t want a 68 gram yo-yo it’s not 2010.

I’m honestly surprised that they haven’t done 7068 versions at this point. Apart from weight adjustments over time Gentry doesn’t seem like he really wants too many iterations of the Shutter line out there. I think that’s smart and actually made a thread about it.


This is also the perfect time to release another yo-yo in Gentry’s line as far as marketing is concerned, so it makes sense that they have a bimetal Shutter in the works.


When I first saw the first leak for the shutter polished rims and we all thought it was a bi-metal I was sooooooo hyped. I was ready to final get another shutter. Then I saw it was just polished rims and was just there like: :expressionless:

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Right well that’s what you get* when you CNC machine the very exact same shape out of 7075 or 7068 instead of 6061 Al. Stronger = heavier. Usually by about 2g.

* when you let your heart win


Sochi sample pack! The pink pads are GOOD @andy569


I told you so!

How pink is that pink? Because Kitty pink is orange.

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