What brand

What is a brand you want to try? I want a general yo!

I do want to try hspin. I’ve wanted to try the Phoenix for a while.

I’ve pretty much tried everything I want to try except 3Yo3.


i would like to try that too

3yo3’s are really nice. Im not sure what i tried but it was acrylic i loved it

I want to try OD and CLYW.

you need to

I want to try yyr. Eventually I will get one, but that price tag is crazy

All of them. :wink: Ones that I haven’t had the fortune to try yet: General Yo, 3yo3, G^2, Rec Rev (Freq. Wave in particular), Anti-Yo, ILYY

It seems crazy but once you try one, you’ll never go back.


Haha yeah. It’s hard to justify the 100 bucks for a hunk of metal, let alone 200! I know they are amazing, but a lot of yyr does not match my preferences at all…

I want to try gsquared, yyr, and c3.

YYR. I don’t feel like paying full price for one and I don’t know how to spot a knock off that’s made on china… So I don’t know if its going to happen.

You can save about $30 by ordering directly from YYR.


I am extremely anxious to try a sOMETHING.

I want to try YYR, Turning Point, and maybe sOMEThING.

I’d like to try a no jive, or a 3yo3.