What are you throwing in 2019?


Today I have been throwing the Onedrop Vanguard I got for Christmas. I enjoyed it to begin with but the bearing was a bit dodgy however I took it apart, cleaned it and added a tiny tiny drop of lube and now it is almost silent, smooth and completely unresponsive. Lovely :slight_smile:


A Hatchet that codinghorror sent me. Very nice throw with a grooved bearing. Many Thanks.photo P1000445_zpsaxhksjrw.jpg


This Onedrop Vanguard which I am loving:

Also this lovely beast CLYW Puffin:


Like the colorway of that Vanguard.

({John15}) #65

One Top Drop Deck :heart:

(Thomas Bellotti) #66

Deck Drop Top One you mean?

And that thing is repping my Steelers colors, so you should probably go ahead and send it my way

({John15}) #67

Nice try buck-o

(Thomas Bellotti) #68

Hahaha well the bucko’s are our baseball team, not football, but they’ve got the same colors so that works too

(People call PGH Pirates the bucko’s…jokes no good if u have to explain em…I know I know)

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(Ken) #70

How did you get the black one?

(ZAC) #71

I love my Vanguard too, yours looks 100x cooler than mine.

({John15}) #72

Well, take a seat and we’ll go back in time.

I started throwing about 2 years ago. I asked the Reddit throwers community which aluminum unresponsive yoyo I should buy, and an overwhelming majority suggested the top deck.

So I went over to yoyoexpert and ordered this bad boy, solid black unengraved. It was the LAST one in stock, and it was my first aluminum unresponsive.


Maybe my favorite yo-yo in my entire collection


That looks great, nickel and copper? If so, where’s the other one?


The other half swap I have stowed away for future use. Both are b-grades sold direct from Onedrop’s site last December.

(Jim Honaker) #76

I love the Nickel and Copper. I had never really seen the Nickel in person until a week or two ago. The Nickel Parlay. I would love the Parlay and Deep State in Nickel. Those are probably my 2 favorites throws from One Drop.

If you ever decide to sell one let me know.



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(Choncworth) #80

Quail, Half Clear Half Champagne

Zipline, Paul Harness, Strangz

(Spinworthy Glen) #81

A lovely pink Peak 2.