What are you throwing in 2019?


gold :heart_eyes:

(Patrick Dressel) #575


CLYW Fool’s Gold Pickaxe in the Porygoner colorway and Fat Yellow Kitty


Ti Cadence

(Victorian YoYos) #578

Again mate

(Victorian YoYos) #579


OD Markmont Classic black with ultralight SE and white Rhapsody KC24 Zipline string

(Choncworth) #581

Now this is classy af. Very nice.


Are these the brass ultralights? I love the concept of ultralight brass anything it’s so ironic it makes me laugh :rofl:


No they are just Aluminum Grey. That was just the reflection from the lighting, if I could find some brass ones though, I would use them.


Some teeny tiny Yoyo that some jerk hardcoated and only made a few of. Proyo Ace II AntiYo Ace of Spaids.


Might happen sooner than you think :wink:




Diff gto

(Levi Neal) #588

First metal I even bought. Still have but it needs an overhaul.


Rain City Skills and Eternal Throw’s The Gamer in the Game Currency color way set up unresponsive with red Kitty Slims

(Patrick Dressel) #590

Throwing a lot of code 1 today

(Victorian YoYos) #591

Still edge beyond until I get my Moose. Practicing for a one throw prelims


Bro stop flexing

(Victorian YoYos) #593

Lol :joy: