What are you throwing in 2019?

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #454

nope, a real digital camera.


The Olympus Potato™

(Patrick Dressel) #456

Edge monster

(ZAC) #457

Duncan Mayhem. Only have about a hour of play on it so far. I am, however, convinced of its greatness. Checks all the boxes for me.

(Patrick Dressel) #458

This yoyo seems interesting to me. Hoping to try one at nats or world’s.


I love the shape!



(Patrick Dressel) #461



YYF Shutter and fat Kitty yellows. A classic




I replaced the pads on mine with flowable silicone and put a Buddha Double Double bearing in it. It is very good.




I had to replace the pads in mine too. But i was pretty surprised at how much I like it.

(Gethin) #467

Pretty! I love my tigershark, I put a wood axle sleeve in, and it kills fixed play!


YYR Helvetica. Unexpectedly awesome in spite of the generic shape and size. VERY fast.


I’m very comfortable with it. Going to dabble in 5a with this one!

({John15}) #470

Peak 2 and some homemade string

(Patrick Dressel) #471

I love that color!


CLYW Peak 2 as well, but fat Kitty yellows.

(Choncworth) #473

Duncan MayheM w/ some Zipline G2 Diamond Blend.

I call him, Caboose.