What are you throwing in 2019?


Nice! My newest pet peeve is throwers who throw shade on their skills. We should be pretty happy that we’re better than when we first started.

(ClockMonsterLA) #414

Being honest (with oneself) isn’t throwing shade. I’m not a “premium thrower” either. I have a thick enough skin that I don’t take it as an insult, but rather a simple observation of truth.


TMBR maple 20eHTEEN with some TK 100% cottom type 8.


Ghosty boy :ghost:


There is always someone better…and worse.

({John15}) #418

Hawk! :heart:


I like the beat up look of that Orca. Or should I call it a weathered look? I love it. The orange string is perfect.

(Choncworth) #420

Hawk is just too good.

Huge fan of the OG (6061) and TiHawk, 7075 is ehhh imo.

({John15}) #421

Honestly, it is the most unique feeling yoyo in my collection. Nothing else compares. It is really light, but it works really well.

This one is a 6061. The tiHawk is the only ti yoyo that piques my interest, maybe someday I can get my hands on one :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mitch ) #422

Love my Ti hawk. I have never tried an aluminum one though so its hard to make a comparison.

Excited to finally track one of these down to throw in 2019:


That’s a great throw.

(Mitch ) #424

Indeed. Im enjoying throwing it a lot. Im trying to wait for the excitement of it to wear off before I make an objective asessment. Whatever my conclusion comes to its a great organic - one that i hope to find a Visilla so it has a friend.


This lil’ duderino


What throw is that? The cup looks like it’d be from ILYY, but can’t tell for sure.


It’s an exotic! Titanium.

(Jacob Waugh) #428

Do you have pictures of your Ti fixie anywhere? I heard that you have one…


The 155g thing that’s unplayable? No, this is not that.

(Jacob Waugh) #430

No, I was asking if you have any pictures anywhere, I could tell by the slipknot that you have been using this one, I was just curious what the 155 gram one looks like.

(Spinworthy Glen) #431

You could use it as a paperweight?


Ha! I see what you mean however it is in pretty much mint condition, that is just how the ano is meant to look :slight_smile: