What are you throwing in 2019?

(Thomas Bellotti) #21

Pretty new, but this thing barely leaves my hands

(Samuel) #22

I am throwing an aurora marble replay pro.


CLYW Pickaxe


Space :rocket: Crown :crown: Ultra

({John15}) #25

That loop tho.


Lol yeah I got lazy


Just pull over the knot


More of a lasso, really. YEE HAW ROPE THEM DOGIES :cowboy_hat_face:


:joy: lol

(Priyanka) #30

Stepped on my grandparents big dog and she bit my foot. Now foot has become badly infected. :confused:

(Priyanka) #31

ND Ultra

(InvaderDust) #32

Oooh bummer. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery!


000-Very unforgiving throw for me but it helps tighten things up.photo P1000443_zpsarlvm7ek.jpg

(Priyanka) #34

Hey thanks man. Appreciate the support. :heart:


Does yours have the 000 engraved on it?
Mine does not. When I contacted Jeff he said mine is really rare if it doesn’t have the engraving.

Edit- found it. Very hard to see.





CLYW Puffin first edition, I love it more everytime I throw it and although it is quite old and got it second hand it is still lovely and smooth :slight_smile:


I’ve been throwing its older brother

({John15}) #40

I found the 2a guy :+1: