What are you throwing in 2019?

(Jacob Waugh) #353

They had the same hubs didn’t they? this requires some googling.


OD MMC with ultra light side effects

({John15}) #355

Why yes, yes they did.

(Jacob Waugh) #356

Okay, I freaked out for a second there, I thought my memory failed me, lol.


These came in after lunch.


We gotta get you a new phone with a better camera, man :wink:


Trust me it’s been worse. At least you can SEE it. Also I’ve been tinkering with the idea of installing a new camera module with a daughter board for the firmware but I don’t want to go through the trouble of rooting and debugging and the tiny wires. Man I hate that.


Threw a lot of punchline and monster edge today. Still love how that monster edge feels on the string.




Still throwing these two.


Probably the finest yoyo made in the People’s Republic


The Bandai Winged Hyper Cluster is back in the USA. If you enjoy noisy responsive transaxle plastic yoyos with vibe for days these are the jam. Need to find an A bearing core. I am having so much fun throwing Yo-Yos in 2019.


I know they’re Chinese but I got them in a trade and it’s kinda cool to compare the prototype with the production model. Looks like I’m going to start a Chinese case.


I saw those at Walmart and didn’t know what to think and forgot about them until now.


The Bandai Hyper Cluster PB Star Wing is hot with “Dragon” Skin, making the snow melt.


Wow… you’ve… really… sold me… on this… lol

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #369

This beautiful Albino Rhino, with white string!
It’s pretty hard to see in this pic with the white background.

({John15}) #370

But… my background is black with the night theme


Good for 5A, check.


Hyper Cluster noise can be cut down by replacing the PB (plastic bearing, transaxle) with the K bearing and spacers from broken Yomega Raiders (or Loop 720s). No need for replacement Cores. Interchangeable toys are even more fun. Good Vibrations to come.