What are you throwing in 2019?


This thing is so good with a 1/2 spec in it!

I’m going to have Glen make me another one with a denser wood. If he can remember…


Duncan Counter Punch and Fat Kitty


(Tyler) #230

I uploaded a picture of my case not long ago, but it’s changed quite a bit in the last few months, soooo obligatory case pic
Row 1: CLYW Peak 2, A-RT Woofa, OneDrop Overture, YYF CP Pivot
Row 2: TurningPoint Houska Dry, Smashing Monocle, KnotCreators IceWoof, yokudesigns Euler
Row 3: G2 Ghost, G2 OC, G2 Quake, Throw Co Debut


Nice collection!


Hatrick today


Markmont Classic

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #234

Nothing I have a picture of! Just imagine what I’m throwing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Tyler) #235

Daaaang loving the anno on this MMC!

(Duncan Ely) #236

That acid wash :heart_eyes:

I want an MC but I’m holding out with I can get that colorway


I know right! One Drop nailed it as usual. Plays amazing too, glad I believed the hype.


Duncan Counter Punch MFD Phatt Vines


Ok I imagined a Duncan imperial

(Jim Honaker) #240

I keep looking at the Counter Punch. It looks good, what are your thoughts on it?


Metal looping FTW :metal:


I’m really liking the Counter Punch, for what its worth I like in more than the new SF Ceasefire that cost twice as much. It has a nice balance on the string. I think it is being overlooked, but a few of the color ways are selling out.

(ClockMonsterLA) #243

Would the Axlerator qualify as an experiment that failed?


I think it works great, personally! With string it’s 56.43g. Note that a Loop 2020 is 52g, and Loop 720 is 51g. So it is on the heavy side.

I would agree that metal isn’t necessary for looping yo-yos. I think it’s complex / hard to make a hollow metal yo-yo in general which is why we don’t see that kind of design much.

(Christopher Dougherty) #245

Wow that is hot looking!!!

(Christopher Dougherty) #246

Sweet collection!!!