What am I doing wrong?

(Larry) #1

I have a Hyabusa soft landing yoyo (Duncan). It comes with two extra spaces. No matter what combination I try the string invariably goes between the spacers on the second throw. I make sure the yoyo is very snug, but to no avail. Any ideas?



Have you tried takeing the spacers out? or can you not take em out to play?

(Larry) #3

Hi Robert, No problem with the spacers. But with the 2nd spacer inplace, the halves wouldn’t snug-up. LIttle did I realize then, but that was a clue. lol Upon further inspection using a magnifier I found the axel wasn’t installed ‘square’ at the factory. Attempts to remove and re-install the axel proved furitless. Needless to say, that yo was deep sixed. I thought about trying to get a replacement, but figured the effort wasn’t worth the hassel. Lesson learned!!!

Ya’ll have a grand day.