what all has changed?

I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time. My last yo-yo that I ever used before I took a hiatus was the Bumble Bee GT and I hated the brake pad system. They always wore out so fast. Are there better response systems out there today? and anything else really ground breaking or some cool new trick innovations would be good too!

I don’t know how long you haven’t been here but there are many many new tricks always being invented. There are now many different response systems, the main ones being variations of silicone or silicone pads. There are also many new yoyos coming out, such as the New Breed by Yoyojam, which comes out tomorrow as far as I know.

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sorry, forgot to give the number of years I’ve been out. Last time I actually practiced was when I was about 14 so I’ve been out for the last 6 years.

Check out this article by Chris Allen (AKA Dr. YoYo)…

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A lot has changed in the throwing community since then, a ton of new yo-yos for different things and some really cool features.

Here is a hard trick off of the site:

“New” style called offstring:

Freehand, 5A, counterweight, or CW style.

And some new featues of yo-yos:


The community has grown a huge number and continues to each and every day. There is a ton of yo-yos out there for a begginer so here are some I might reccomend to a player like you:


Dark Magic:

Lyn Fury:

Or Kickside:

Hope I helped!

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wow, so much new stuff! I am diggin the counterweight idea. closest thing I ever had to something like that was a stunt pilot way back when… thanks guys!

I just came back 2 months ago. The last time I was throwing was 1991. You could imagine how happy I was when I went online and saw the progress made from the fixed axles I used to use.

Its so much more dynamic and challenging. I have been trying out a bunch of yos…and liked the FHZ for a month or so, but as I improve and progress through the advanced tricks here, I use my Dark Magic more and more this week as it spins better and smoother.

Cant wait to get the new bunch of yos in the mail!

It sounds like you came back from around the same time that I did. About 2003 right? I remember Bumble Bees being pretty popular. Dave’s Yoyos was a big supporter of that brand if I recall.

100% polyester is a new thing for me. Back then pretty much everybody used Slick 6 50/50. I like the polyester string, but it’s almost a preference rather than a major change.

Yoyojam’s most popular yoyo’s right now are probably Dark Magic, Hitman, Convict/X-Convict…

Probably the biggest surprise for me is the popularity of Yoyofactory. I don’t know if you were around for the “unveiling” of Yoyofactory as a company, but back then they kind of seemed like a joke to me. All this anticipation and they had was that F.A.S.T. system plastic yoyo which didn’t seem to go over well. Now they seem to be selling alot of the most popular high end metal yoyos like the 888, superstar, skyline, dna…

That’s all that I’ve noticed so far. I’ve been back for maybe 3 weeks now.

Check out this thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1589.0.html
Should have useful information for you.

nah, never even saw the company from back then. As for string, I just had(and still have) the 50/50 like you said before. I have been looking at the Dark Magic so I might just pick one up once they’re in stock.

I don’t know whether this is a change or not but we have cool caps that are laser engraved.

The size of the yo-yo’s are now different. We have H-Shapes, Butterfly shapes, and the Mighty Flea, which is the world’s smallest yo-yo.

~Spin On!

the laser engraved caps are new but most of the shapes Im familiar with from way back when.

Ever seen a yo-yo as small as the mighty flea before?

There are a lot of these bad boys in stock.
Dark Magic YoYoExpert Edition

The fact that you have a Bumble Bee just made me think of something. Are you aware of the difference between responsive play VS unresponsive play with binds?

I can almost recall in my yoyo past that there was a time when people were debating whether true yoyoing had to involve a responsive yoyo and whether using an unresponsive yoyo was “cheating”. Now unresponsiveness has more or less taken over.

The last post is correct. The biggest change you’ll notice is that yo-yos don’t come back anymore.

yeah I think so. Yomega did miniature versions of their raider and fireball but those were terrible xP

too rich for my blood at this time, I just ordered a New Breed as they’re almost the same as a dark magic.

I wasn’t aware of it to start but with more research, that really makes me rethink my old bumble bee(wish I could find it…) and how it never returned when the break pads wore out. But I do like the unresponsiveness, I have been hit in the knuckles so many times after a hard throw only to have the yo-yo bounce and then return to me when I didn’t need it to ><

Well better learn a Bind:

It comes unresponsive in box.

My teacher did that when he was borrowing my Brain. He threw it down as hard as he could but it bounced a bit and shot back to his hand, hurting it from the impact as well as tightening the slip knot a lot. =P

Yes, learn binding. If you’re not sure what binding is, it’s simply a way to get an unresponsive yoyo back to your hand. More technically speaking, it is the action of putting extra string into the gap between the two halves of the yoyo in order for it to catch in the response system and return to the hand.

yeah Im going to try binding with my old Yomega Wingforce and see what happens.