WH0TH3MAN is the man


Just bought my replay pro metal from WH0TH3MAN and he was cool, quick and honest. Sent me more pictures when I requested, was very acutate in his description and mailed me my yoyo immediately after I sent payment. He also packed the yoyo very well. Would definitely buy from him again :slight_smile:


I’ve worked with WH0TH3MAN before and had no problems.


I find WH0TH3MAN pretty difficult to work with, but that’s just me :wink:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Wait u had a metal replay


Yep, it was on my bst :wink:


:frowning: I would have gotten a second one


Oh well


You like them enough to own two? I liked it but not enough to have multiple.


Yeah but I’ll have a superstar by the end of the week.


Lol, okay :wink: you would be surprised what you can find in people’s Bst’s. They aren’t always labeled enough to tell :wink:


I found pizza once!


Wait… Really!?!

(As I rush to the Bst’s to look for a hidden treasure known only to man as pizza)


Well, it was a CLYW pizza patch, but it’s close enough.


Lol, I should have guessed! :wink: