Well, who wants an Adegle N23.5°!?!

From Singaporeyoing! (http://www.singaporeyoing.com/)

Alright, here goes.
Singapore Yoing Adegle 5A trick Contest.
Winner gets a Adegle N23.5°!
this is different from the one i got, this is BeadBlasted!
the color is brighter too, its just so nice!

how do u win this?

:slight_smile:first of all, contest open to worldwide, yes.

:slight_smile:film a single 5A trick or combo you think will wow us, inspire us, etc.
(請拍攝一個令人驚訝或是新概念的5A trick或是combo)

:slight_smile:no fancy editing, its the trick/combo, not the editing and effect.

:slight_smile:multiple entries are allowed.

:slight_smile:no time limit, if u got a 1min combo, go ahead, but pls don’t waste time for intro, its the trick we’re looking at :wink:

:slight_smile:its 5A, double dice are allowed, heck even triple if u can do it, but no “9A” please.

:slight_smile:post your video link AND email(so i can contact u if u win) as comments for this blog entry.
readers pls do not comment if you’re not joining the contest.

:slight_smile:entry closing 19 Dec 2009 11:59pm (GMT+08:00)
(截止日為2009年12月19日晚 上11:59)

here, simple and nice.
do keep checking back just in case there’s any minor changes made~
thanks Lin-Kai for the proper chinese translation~

Well, I just post it here if someone is interested to join.

(I won’t join, I’m currently breaking down Bee-Sting XD)[/i]