Welcome to our second Spin Top moderator:


Let us welcome spin top player from France Thomas as a new ‘Spin Top Moderator’ here at YoYoExpert.

He is part of the FYYA (France yoyo association) and is one of the very few official spin top players in all of France!

Thomas was first introduced to spin tops by ‘Lapin’ from France and Maurizio from Strummol8!

Thomas is a student of biology in college and while he hasn’t been a huge competitor in spin top competitions he is looking forward to the future of spin top freestyle!

He really feels the spin top sport is so unique as people are incredibly helpful with no strong rivalries - they just love to spin tops!

Thanks Thomas for helping us create new spin top players!


Awesome!!! Let’s show the glory of spin tops to everyone.

Chris Neff also needs to be at MOYO in 2011 to show me how to throw it right!


Fo sho I’ll be at MOYO!!!

Congrats Thomas!


Thanks every body, sorry for late, i was in holliday… I ll try to do my best to help Neff as a moderator :smiley:


Hello just to say that i go in holidays for a week… i wish good luck for the italian nats… and see you soon.