Weird Mount

I was trying to do Ninja Vanish but this came out :
I showed rsmod this picture and he said it could be a double GT or something else…
So I decided to show you guys and get your opinions.

Really looks like a double gt, no idea how you got it though.

It would help to have a brighter picture but I have no idea what it is.

here ya go i tried to make it a little brighter for you so you can see the string better

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It’s not a Double Triangle. If you look more up top closer to the single string, it doesn’t have that loop that a regular Green Triangle does. It has the wrap like Gyroscopic Flop.

GT’s can’t be GT’s with wraps, only loops.

If it was a loop, yes, it would be some form of a Double Green Triangle. :wink:

It looks cool! :slight_smile: