Weekend Purge

Weekend clearing out for ya.

  1. RCS Deluge mint w/bag: $75

  2. SOLD TP St Elmo mint w/bag: $50

  3. SOLD PH x Zipline IST mint w/box: $45

  4. SOLD C3 Rooc nmtbs w/box: $50

  5. SOLD C3 Krown St mint w/box: $100

  6. SOLD Atmos Khuna nmtbs w/box: $125

  7. Rev Punk Incarnate swap nmtbs: $65

  8. Iyoyo Iceberg v1 nmtbs w/box: $45

  9. SOLD IYoyo Iceberg v2 nmtbs w/box: $45

  10. SOLD C3 Galaxy Diver mint w/box: $65

  11. C3 Galaxy Diver Sochi mint w/bx: $100

  12. Duncan Orbital Gtx nmtbs w/bx: $50

  13. Recess FB nmtbs w/box: $13

  14. Magic Yoyo Skyva nmtbs: $13

  15. Magic Yoyo Focus Z1 nmtbs: $22

All prices are shipped in the US. Please DM for more pics or info. Thanks for looking. Feel free to OBO.

Trades I would be interested in are:
G2 Arkham Colorways
G2 I don’t have
RSO The End Part 2


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