Water? (URGENT)

Ok, so there has been an issue with my CT bearing. When I tried to swap the spec bearing in my Super G for the CT, then I took it off, the bearing would not spin. I know the traditional cleaners, but this is urgent, can I use water as a replacement and quickly dry it off to prevent rusting?

Drying it should prevent rusting, but the water wont do anything.

Oops, was typing too fast to realize i forgot an important part of what i was trying to say. If i added some soap with the water, will it work?

Why is this so urgent?

Also, try the paper cleaning method.

I’m packing for a trip and I am unable to go get any cleaners before the trip. And what I the paper cleaning method?

One more thing, I cleaned it with soap and water, and once it was dry, I put it into my Severe and even though it only spun for 3 seconds when I flicked it, it was unresponsive, so i guess it will have to break in a little. Thanks for the help though.

Soap will clog it up, then take a while to get out. Once out it will do absolutely nothing and waste your time of getting it out. Plus any little bit left over of soap or water would ruin your bearing. You might try the fire method.

Check if your dad or anyone has some electrical contact cleaner, thats what I use. Or compressed air if you have an air compressor, or the canned stuff to clean your keyboard dirt. Just thinking of household items that I use and that work.

I meant like liquid soap and water

I know. Soap is viscous and would be very heard to COMPLETELY remove from the bearing, considering it is so small and has so many tiny parts for the soap to stick to.

Rinse it well and blow it dry. If you don’t have an air source just blow on it hard a couple of times.

use unscented dish soap, put a few drops in the deshielded bearing, spin it a couple times, rinse with warn water, blow dry.

If it truly is a stainless steel bearing, then yes you should in theory be able to clean it with soap and water. I think I saw a thread like this a long time ago.

So to summarize what I did-
1)I tried to swap the Super G spec bearing with my CT from my Severe. It instantly got responsive, so I opened it up and it was barely spinning.
2)because it thought I had some acetone left, I tried the soy sauce and it made it spin for like 3 seconds.
3)I found out that I had no more acetone, so I freaked, but i tried to use the water method.
4)so I had the bearing in my hand and I literally ran the faucet and put some Dial soap onto it. After this I ran the bearing over some water to rinse off the soap.
5)I dried the bearing with a part towel and spun the bearing at the tip of a pen.
6)I applied minuscule lube an put it back into my Severe.

So in conclusion, my Severe is unresponsive and there is no difference in sleep time before and after the crisis.

Well if it was that urgent, that is what spare bearings are for… But, here are some things to do for when you need a quick fix-

Put something flammable (NOT gas, I was thinking like some cleaning detergent under your sink) in the bearing, spin it (watch those eyes!) and then light it on fire with a lighter. (Probably not the safest, but it works)

The dish soap, water, air compressor method works well.

Paper Method

I usually use soap and water with an old toothbrush to clean bearings. It probably helps that I live in a pretty dry environment, but I haven’t had issues with it.

I think the paper method is to cut out a thin triangle of paper (it often works better to fold the paper in half first and cut at the fold, so you get double the thickness). Put the bearing on the end of a pen and push the paper you cut out between two of the balls in the bearing. Rotate the bearing around manually so that the paper rubs over the inside of the bearing. If it works, the paper will probably be noticeably dirty when you remove it. You might need to do this more than once, especially if you want to run the paper on both the inner and outer races.

I also use this method after cleaning with soap and water to help dry off any leftover moisture. It also works to remove some excess lube if you ever put more in than you intended.

Whatever you do, DON’T try to burn any solvent off. That will lead to immediate corrosion/oxidation and ruin the bearing. I know it was a fad a few years back, but it’s really not a good idea.

I suppose that would cause oxidation… Probably a bad idea

Really ???
Next time use water if you don’t have acetone, not soy sauce.

I thought I still had acetone, so I went and derped with some soy sauce. That’ll teach me to check my cleaners before doing something stupid like that.

OK, always learn from your mistakes! :wink:

I’d much prefer the ketchup mod over soy sauce any day.