Wants list, money is no object! DM if you have any!

Must be like-new for me to consider it (besides RecRev stuff, I’ll take what I can get with those :sweat_smile:)

CLYWxOnedrop Kosciuszko 7 Summits FOUND
Turning Point Leviathan 7 or 8
3Yo3 Splash colourway Bassline 2 FOUND
RecRev Badrep, Badrep Lite, or Electric Daisy
RecRev No. 9 FOUND
RecRev Oktave 1
Xcubed The Seed FOUND
Xcubed Aware FOUND
Luftverk Evora RSP or 2020 Evora R
pink heavensent creep
AMS Luftverk+CLYW TiPeak

I live in Canada and use PayPal only.


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