WANT: The V (Yellow/Black), Rally (Spring Rain Green), Northstar (Orange)


Just a few more days until I will just order The V new!

I don’t care if it has the box or not. Also, damage is ok, but nothing beat.

-I am looking for The V by sOMEThING in yellow with black caps (with text). I would also buy Teal with black caps if you have a deal better than retail since that’s the color I’ll buy if I don’t get any offers.

-Second, I’m looking for the original run of the Rally in green.

-Last, I am looking for a Northstar in orange, preferably without cracked hubs.

The V (Yellow with black caps)
Rally (Spring Rain Green)
Northstar (Orange)

I may put up a few throws for trade or sale soon.

Thanks for looking!


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Hey I’ll give you $20 for Dv888 shipped!!!


what would you want for the yeti?


srry i meant to pm you


how about a yyf nova trade??


Added stuff


Would u trade for a stacked catalyst and maybe some cash?

(system) #88