want ipod

i am looking for the new nano, shuffle ipod touch, or any apple player
hit me up to see what i got
if you have something i like i got a sb bape

Where’s my supernova?!?

Where’s his supernova?!?!?!?!!?

Where’s the first guys supernova!?!?!?!?!?!

Where is his supernova!!!

Where did you put his SuperNova?!?


You may be dealing with a scammer, or just a really late shipper. I know we’re not supposed to link to other forums, but this may back me up:


Hope you get your supernova.

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before everyone attacks me he is getting his supernova

I’m just saying. I want my supernova and it’s been almost a month.

Dude, you need to work on your shipping you can’t take ten minutes out of your life?

I don’t mind waiting for it just as long as I know i’m gonna get it. Send me a tracking number or refund my money until I get it and then i’ll send the money back.

You should message him instead.

his yoyo should be there by Friday or Saturday at the latest
of it doesn’t arrive then I’ll see what I can do
and since none of you have traded with me I expect you to stop calling me a scammer
I wouldn’t have established over 130 positive feedback on yyn just to start scamming now
now let’s get back to what the thread is about
I will have pictures of everything I have up tonight

where is my sb bape?? he scammed me i think. still no response and already sent my money a hile back. he only lives three hours away from me and said he shipped the day i sent money via paypal. he said id have it by the next day and its been days since

Man, how do people get away with this stuff more than once? STOP BUYING/TRADING WITH THIS GUY!!!