Hi people !
Here’s a video that my friend Patrick Borgerding and I made while he was visiting Paris ! (He filmed and edited it)

It was filmed in Versailles, near Paris, with a galaxy S4.


Nice dude


Awesome video, great tricks and editing


Wow those skills were supreme man. I really liked your style and the filming place was very beautiful. Great job editing too.


Thanks a lot guys ! But I merely stood behind the camera while Patrick filmed and edited !


Yeah saw it when it was on YoyoNews! Your going to be competing in Prague right?


Awesome!, loved the background! I got to visit Versailles once, hope to go back some day Excellent!


Sweet vid man and excellent skills. The recording and editing were done really good for being filmed on a s4. Keep the vids coming!


Thanks again guys !

@MYNAMEISZen : Yes I will be competing in 1A !