Vendetta anodized Dingo and more FS


All for sale via paypal. Prices are shipped in the USA.

$75.00 Sabotage G5- new in package.
$50.00 TK Mini- Mint.
$70.00 Vendetta anodized Dingo- mint
$55.00 One Drop Marquis - broken heart colorway- mint
$55.00 One Drop Mantis black or light red- mint

SOLD $150.00! General Yo Five Star - a really tiny mark on the red side. It may have been there prior to the yoyo being anodized as there is no damage to the ano at all. I tried to capture it in the second pic but it’s difficult. General Yo Smooooth.

What’s your most “FUN” yoyo to throw?

Good afternoon,
I want that underdog but don’t have the cash. Trade? I’ll send you a pic of the case if you like.
G .


Man that dingo is nice, wish I could swing it right now.


Vendetta did some amazing stuff with ano.


I never thought I’d see a day when a first run Five Star didn’t sell in minutes, much less at $150 :confused:







Five Star Sold!