Value of Hspin Phoenix

I bought Hspin Phoenix (#74) way, way back. My nick and theme is Phoenix, so that was main reason for investment :smiley: I actually never opened the package or built the yoyo, it is absolutely unopened, since Hspin went bankruptcy, I left it intended that way. It has been decorative on my shelf all these years.
Now I’d be interested, what would its value be for collectors?

I’m not expecting anything, just interested.
Any suggestions or links, where to go next?

Retail for these were about $120.


Bought my phoenix a few years back for $50 mint but it might be worth more to collectors

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Thanks guys for your replys!! Awesome to know here is active and honest community :slight_smile:
As I said, I’m not expecting anything glamour out of it. If retail was about 120$, I remember paying about 140€ (about 165$) with shipping because… Finland :smiley:

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