VA States 2012?


Last year in Janruary was VA States 2011. So I thought in 2012 it was gonna be the same month (like it usually is) but I can’t find any information at all, and it’s already November. I have looked on the Children’s Museum of Richmond’s calender for 2012 and it seems like no yoyo contest will be there. I was really looking forward to going again, cause it is great fun to see all my yoyo friends and everything, but I was wondering if anybody on here knew for a fact that it is, or not going to happen next year.


I am sure you know about this site, I emailed Kyle Maxwell and he replied saying he does not live in VA anymore and he passed on the responsibilities to 5A national Champ Samm Scott.  According to Kyle, Samm is still working on things, so I am sure we will all hear something soon.  Kyle said he speaks to him on Facebook, so maybe you can try to search for Samm there.  Let me know if you have any luck!  And keep all of us updated.

Btw, we just had a small group meet in DC :slight_smile:


I emailed likeman to see if he knows if he responds I will certainly post. Very much looking forward to it tho.


I knew I had the right mindset when I brought my Milk 2% with a dice on the other end. Samm you gotta teach me some 5a junk.


It’s a pretty small contest. Just give it some time.