Urgent! Bearing Stuck!

So my friend lent me his Protostar, and I wanted to take out the Center Trac and try it in my Dv888. I could not pull it out, so I used the method of wrapping string around the axle and then screwing it together. This worked, but the string would not come out from under. Then I tried using the same method again, hoping to get the string out from the original wraps. This string would not budge either, and did not switch the side of the bearing as its meant to. Does anyone have tips on removing the bearing, thanks.

The BEST method is to use pliers. (One that has a hole in it.)


You see that hole between the pliers? That’s what I’m talking about.

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well i got 1 spacer out and the bearing out, but the other spacer is still stuck in the non-axle half. it has some string stuck under it, and i have no clue on how to get it out. all help is appreciated. thanks.

Gently grab the spacer, and wiggle it out. Or you can just rip out the string with a plier.

got it! thanks everyone.

Yeah there is actually a thank you button, so you can go ahead and click it. ;D