So a few weeks back i got into yoyoing i ordered a yoyofactory fast 201. Im looking to upgrade as the starbust response system is starting to wear away from use. So any reccomendation as to what i should upgrade to. I am looking to buy two yoyo’s one for 1A and another is my introduction to to 2A.


You want 2 for 2A(two handed looping) and 1 for 1A(string tricks, such as what your Fast 201 is designed for)

What’s your budget? Any particulate things you are looking at or you find interest?

(Nautilus) #3

northstar for 1a


Asteroid for 1A


Whats your budget?

(Jei Cheetah) #6

A good start into a more modern response system and something that will take you further and stick with you for a while would be any of the Bi-metal yoyos from yoyojam.

Dark Magic 2, Or Atmosphere are yoyos I recommend highly to people around your level. Great play, modern design, and will take you quite far in yoyoing.

As for 2A play, look into getting a pair of Yoyojam Unleashed. Great 2A loopers without any hassle of much maintenance.

A set of those and a Bi-metal yoyojam, and you will be set, and good to go.




Bi-metal yoyojam is a good idea. Comes with a bearing for responsive and unresponsive play. Great for learning.