Updated: prices added FS/FT: Damian Puckett Duality, Unknown Ti Freehand

Hello Everyone! Recently I received this Ti Freehand, after spending several days I still couldn’t break my mental freehand bubble. The Freehand was never “the one” for me but I was excited to see if I could burst that thought, Sadly no luck.

Feel Free to offer Japanese Bi-metals or other Titaniums for trade! I am particularly on the hunt for a Blofeld W@nker and T0sser but im also a big fan of RSO Ti’s. That being said feel free to message me with any questions or offers, MiB and ready to ship this Friday.


Adding a Damian Puckett Duality to mix it up a bit and get some higher offers! Mint No Vibe

Update! Price is $330 for the Freehand with all accessories, I’ll take $30 off to bring it down $300 if the plastic caps are left out (these things have been requested by more than 1 person)

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Breaking up the deals and updating pricing. $100 for the Damian Puckett Duality, $300 for the freehand all accessories

Add $7 for shipping conus

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