(Updated) OYY, TP, SF, Smashing, Nickel

(Edit)(edited again) I had to clean this up again. Lots gone but lots left. Let me know if you have any questions. The prices you see are shipped in America with you covering fees. Reasonable offers won’t be turned down. Trying to get my daughter set up for trail riding!
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•Yyfreaks-mono-spoken for.

•magicyoyo-bi- $25 really nice bi metal half swapped blue/pink. PENDING

•OhYesYo-paradigm shift- $75 fairly beat.

•OhYesYo-nightingale2- $90

•Smashing yoyos-spectacle-$80 SOLD

•Sf-Bliss-Angelo fade-$120


Nabbed that gorgeous Witching Hour. @Yardist has been a pleasure to deal with - hope someone else grabs whatever is left soon.


Bump, let’s talk about what’s left on the table.

The ng2. This is one of the few that got a fade ano and it’s plays slightly heavier than the nightingale that was re-released recently. Killer throw.

The TP bundle. My man’s Shingo loved the houska design so much he cranked out numerous variations of it in the name “Douska” to me, the Douska is the TP variant of the freehand, only way better.
I purchased these two with the idea of having them custom anodized so I have not played them but I did get the houska dry second hand so it’s got some fade, nothing a polish wont take care of then it’ll look as good as the Douska.

The bi metal bundle. I put this together with two of my all time favorite bi metals, one chill organic and one competition V. The smashing spectacle is hands down the best playing organic’s I’ve ever tried, and most of my collection is organic. The added rim weight makes it a breeze to flow through long combos without having to regen, did I mention how smooth it regens? Yeah. Jordan out did himself on this thing. I’m probably going to regret selling this.

The bliss. The bliss to me is the definition of ‘simply perfect’ the design doesn’t boast any insane cuts or grooves, no insane splash anodizing. It just gets straight to the point, it’s perfect in the hand, on first throw you’ll realize it plays lighter and faster than it felt in the palm. That’s bliss.
You’ll soon be walking through your hardest combos saying, how is this possible? Bliss.
Your mom will be like “(insert name here) you’re slaying that new combo I’ve seen you working on” and you will reply “it’s bliss, mom”

Oh and the bliss is in the wonderful Angelo fade. Hard to see from pics but it’s even got the Angelo wings on the rims. Super fire. Super not east to come by these days. Love y’all.

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Bump! Broke the bundles up, price drop on NG. taking offers on tross. Let’s make a deal :pray:t3::milk_glass:

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Taking offers on this Canflon lio. Has a scrape pictured and a small cluster of pin pricks. None of which affect play.


Running up that hill :laughing::laughing: