*update* yyf yyj onedrop anti-yo werrd cheif general yo

im going to be in new york lenex ma and boston, ma and virginia williamsburg va and back to new york from the 30th to the 14th
if you can pay for shipping that would be great.
pics: text me at 12098793404
and once i package it is a done deal
supernova lite: really good
super G autographed by gentry stein: my fave throw
adgele asteroid
crucial alamode
clear view station CHIEF

yyj black knight trade or cash
yyf 2.0 good throw like new except for the bearing

wants: yyf supernova
yyf 888.11
wooly markmont
dri ywet
spyy ronnin
yyf mutant dna

            but p.m me with any other offers thanks