UPDATE 2/2/18 FS: Tons of stuff


Looking for OD Prescription in deepspace, nickel project 2.

Listed left to right top to bottom. Add $3 for shipping.


Rebirth 35
Downbeat GONE
Yfactor 40
Yelets 45

Cabal 40
Code 2 50
Marquis 47
Dietz 37
Dingo 42

Kuntosh GONE
Topdeck 72
Vanguard GONE
Burnside 50

Tropic, Thesis, etc.

Shift 40
Synthesis 35
Aura 20

Mo-vitation 37
Arcadia 50
Gungnir 30

Bandit GONE
Veritas 30
Quark GONE

YYF, Basecamp

Superstar GONE
Too HOT 35
Pivot GONE
Moonshine 40

Navigator 65
Superstar GONE
Superstar 25
Superstar 25

Metal Replay 30
D10 35
Nova 30
Onestar GONE
Hubstack 12

Chico, Aeroyo, etc

Satisfaction 15
Zephyr 15

Versus GONE
Lightning 20

Plastics (YYJ, 2Sick, etc.)

Pawn 37
Perceptor 20

Destiny 23
Skyva 13
Hyper FH 27


i have a C3 galaxy prototype


Private message sent


Can buy the turntable PM me


I’d sell my mint Orange Prescription to you for $60 shipped.



That’s a good price! I’d take if I didn’t already have one :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


I may already be getting an orange one in a trade. I’d prefer trades, but if I were to buy $60 is too high, especially for solids (they are only $68 brand new). Feel free to pm if you want to discuss further. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Dingo still up?


I don’t see a price for the Octavia. is that an error?

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